Four Steps to Five Stars* StarClimb

Step 1:  Analyze your presence online

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Know what people are saying about you and know your online reputation.  Gather input from Yelp, HealthGrades, Google +, and over 100 other review sites.   

Where are you found on Google, Bing, etc.? When you are found what does it look like?

Fact:  Search any business and you'll see that over 87% of businesses found on Google search have an associated review site attached to it. (Yelp, Google Places, TripAdvisor)

Step 2:  Capture Your Reviews

Capture all your reviews, both positive and negative; posting ALL your positive reviews online while responding to the negative reviews, thus building your reputation.

Our platform allows you to respond to reviews using ONE simple dashboard instead of logging into the dozens of review sites.

Fact:  90% of negative reviews from unhappy customers can be changed or overturned when the business responds to their critical feedback!
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Step 3:  Post Your Positive Reviews where people can view them

Posting your positive reviews can become timely.  Posting to the places where your customers and new customers can view them is essential.  With our system in place, your positive reviews are posted to your Facebook business page, Website, Twitter page and we also provide a separate review site indexed by Google just for your reviews.  

We not only post reviews but we also add relative content to your Facebook page regarding your business keeping customers engaged and likely to revisit your business while referring their friends and family directly to you.
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Step 4:  Repeat and Build

Building a Five Star reputation in Four Steps

1)  Analyze
2)  Capture
3)  Post
4)  Repeat

Ready?  Take control of your business reputation today.
Start Today!  We guarantee success!

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